Covington Lawyers Specialize in Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries often cause catastrophic damages affecting every aspect of an individual’s life from the inability to control normal physical functions of the body to your inability to function from a mental capacity.  Without a doubt, a brain injury will not only totally disrupt your life, it is likely to change your life forever, and will often change the lives of your loved ones forever.

Brain Injury Damages

Brain injuries often result in affecting you in the following areas:

  • Normal body functions such as eating, breathing, swallowing, etc.
  • Motor skills may be lost or impaired
  • Loss of memory, or other cognitive skills
  • Prevent you from leading an independent life
  • Prevent you from working
  • Not only change the direction of your life, but also totally change the direction of your loved ones’ lives

Some traumatic brain injuries occur due to medical errors, such as happens in the case of birthing a child when oxygen is inadvertently cut off during the delivery process. Other brain injuries occur in car or truck accidents.

For a successful outcome, it is imperative to choose an attorney with the experience and expertise to handle these types of cases.  Paul Dickman’s law firm has worked hard to gain the respect of other attorneys and judges, and is well known for providing professional and ethical representation to ensure that each client receives the compensation they deserve for his or her life-changing brain injuries.

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