Woman seriously injured in motorcycle accident

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People who ride motorcycles in Kentucky know how great it feels to drive on the open road. Unfortunately, other driver’s inattention can turn a great ride into a tragic one in just an instant.

Recently, a woman was injured in a motorcycle accident when a vehicle rear-ended her as she rode down a highway. According to reports, the 60-year-old woman was attempting to make a left turn. As she began slowing down, the vehicle behind her hit the back of her motorcycle. The woman lost control and collided with another motorcycle being driven by a 71-year-old man.

The woman was flown to a hospital, and was initially listed in serious condition. The driver of the other motorcycle and the driver of the vehicle were not injured in the crash.

The driver of the vehicle that rear-ended the woman was found at fault, and charged with failing to use due care.

Motorcycle accidents can be very serious. In some cases people are seriously injured, but there are times when even death occurs.

If a motorcycle accident is caused by another driver’s negligence, they should be held responsible for their reckless actions. In some instances, motorcycle drivers may be compensated for the injuries they suffer due to another driver’s carelessness.

In addition to the criminal charges, the driver of the vehicle that hit the woman may find themselves facing a personal injury lawsuit. The woman may require surgery for her injuries. She may also face a long recovery period. Compensation she receives from a personal injury lawsuit could go towards medical bills and lost wages.

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