Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Claims a Life

In December, 2012, a Grand Rivers, Kentucky, 49 year-old-man was killed when he was riding his motorcycle on U.S. 62 when he was hit by a female driver in a 2004 Chevy Tahoe.  The man was ejected from his motorcycle and pronounced dead at the scene.

At the time of this report, Kentucky State Police were still investigating the cause of the accident and no charges had been filed.

If you or a loved one has suffered from personal injury or wrongful death from a motorcycle accident, you should contact one of our Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Lawyers as quickly as possible. We have the compassion and experience to work with you to recover physical, monetary and emotional damages for your present state and for any long-term affects you may suffer from.

Motorcycle drivers are more vulnerable than other drivers of larger vehicles. Do not allow yourself or your loved one to fall victim to someone else’s neglect. Drivers should always take extra precaution when driving a larger car near a motorcycle.

The three most common types of personal injury suffered in a motorcycle accident are:

  •     Broken bones
  •     Brain injury
  •     Spinal and/or organ injury

All of these injuries can have long lasting side effects and high medical cost for full recovery. Disability and lost wages should always be taken into consideration. Don’t settle with what an insurance company may offer you. Contact Paul Dickman attorneys today for a free consultation.

Source: Marshall County Tribune

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