The ‘grass’ really wasn’t greener on the other side

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A father-son duo from Madison Township, Ohio, was sentenced this week in Kentucky federal court. The two now will face five years in prison for their participation in a plan to purchase 220 pounds of marijuana last January.

The plan was for the group to travel by truck from Ohio to Lexington, Kentucky, to purchase the marijuana and allegedly bring it back to Ohio to distribute. The plan was thwarted by an undercover federal informant who arranged the deal.

The defendant-father, an owner of a landscaping business, pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting his son and others in their drug plan. He provided the truck the group was to use to transport the stash. Since his arrest, two of the family properties have been placed on the market for sale. The attorney for the man asserts that his client had minimal knowledge of the criminal activity involved behind the truck he provided in the crime.

The three other defendants were portrayed by prosecutors to have appeared to have distinct roles in the exchange. The defendant-son agreed to make the purchase from the informant; another provided the financing, while the third was assigned to drive the vehicle. The latter two of the three are scheduled to be sentenced next week.

The son, in a letter to the judge, explained the depth of the loss he has experienced due to his involvement with drugs, and that “drugs have destroyed” his life.

Drug charges are serious crimes. Even minimal involvement can lead to many years in prison. For anyone involved indrug trafficking or other drug related charges, an experienced criminal attorney may be able to assist in defending your case.

Source: Middletown Journal, “Business owner, son to serve 5 years in drug deal,” Lauren Pack, 27 July 2011

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