Two Categories of Children at Risk of Facing Juvenile Court in Kentucky

Research indicates that there are two categories of children who are at high risk of ending up in the juvenile court system; kids who are truant from school and children who have no after-school activities without any supervision at home.

Students who are supposed to be in school, but do not go often end up committing crimes or becoming a victim of crime. Truancy can have major consequences, not only on academics and grades, but also for the student’s criminal record. Parents must be involved in their children’s lives and ensure their students stay in school.

Other students who remain in school through the day go home to an empty home with no one around to help them make responsible decisions. The hours between 2:00pm and 8:00pm are sometimes called “juvenile crime time” in Kentucky and other states throughout our country. If you are a working parent, you must know where your children are so they are not left to fill their time in a manner that will land them in juvenile court.

After-School Programs are a Key to Keep Children Out of Juvenile Court

After-school activities have proven to reduce the number of children who face criminal charges. Research in the United States shows those communities that offer after-school programs, such as open gyms with planned activities, have lower juvenile crime rates. Students are grateful for the safety and parents can focus on work because they know what their children are doing.

Tips Offered by Juvenile Court Counselors

The three main tips that juvenile court counselors offer to keep children out of juvenile court are:

  1. Enroll your students in after-school programs, sports and activities.
  2. Communicate with each child daily with an open dialogue.
  3. Know your kid’s friends and their friends’ parents.

Kentucky Criminal Defense Representation

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