What is the Law on Failure to Appear in Kentucky?

Judges expect you to keep your court dates. Failure to appear can result in serious penalties that only compound problems surrounding the reason the court date was set in the first place, often forces the judge to add additional charges to the original charge, and typically results in a bench warrant issuance for your arrest.

People miss their court dates for any number of reasons, but unless you have a truly acceptable excuse such as being in the hospital, you would be wise to contact Paul Dickman, criminal appeals attorney in Covington to discuss your legal options.

Do Not Risk Arrest for Failure to Appear

If your court date was set due to a minor offense, you might be of the opinion that you will not be arrested for such a minor violation as missing your court date. However, with new technology now available to police officers, if a judge has issued a bench warrant for your arrest, you could be arrested by simply driving in your neighborhood.  New scanning devices allowing police officers to automatically scan any license plate they desire could easily result in the bench warrant for your arrest showing up on their scanner, and their pulling you over and arresting you even though you may not have violated any driving laws.

Meeting with your attorney and admitting your mistake of failure to appear will most likely save you from a great deal of stress, and possibly even allow your attorney to present the judge with justifiable cause for your failure to appear.

Criminal Appeals in Covington

Contact Covington criminal appeals attorney, Paul Dickman today to discuss your best legal options.

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