Kentucky father faces criminal charges after leaving son in car

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People make mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes may put others’ lives in danger. They can also create major legal problems for people in Covington and beyond.

Criminal charges of any kind are serious. One Kentucky father is likely working on a strong criminal defense after being charged with wanton endangerment.

Police say the father accidently left his son in the car for close to two hours under the hot Kentucky sun. The father said he went into work and forgot his son was even in the car.

The boy was apparently unresponsive before he was taken to a nearby hospital. Fortunately, he is expected to recover.

Police say the father is very upset about the incident. It is clear that he did not intend to leave his son in the car. This case is an example of a simple mistake.

People who face criminal charges would be wise to obtain legal representation. Someone who is accused of a crime in Covington may feel overwhelmed. However, an attorney who has a broad understanding of the legal system will work hard to mitigate any potential consequences. They may even have the charges dropped completely.

Certain criminal cases, though, may be quite complex. An attorney will, therefore, investigate the evidence and work towards a favorable outcome for the accused. In some instances, that may mean focusing on a reduction in penalties rather than focusing on an individual’s innocence. For some, a plea bargain, in which the accused pleads guilty to a lesser offense in exchange for a lighter sentence, may be the best option.

Source:, “Dad charged after son left in car,” Associated Press, June 26, 2012

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