Is Voice Activated Texting as Dangerous?

Covington, KY has its share of car accidents and many occur because of texting and driving. Technology has advanced in numerous ways, including voice activated texting. Many drivers believe this hands-free capability is not as dangerous as standard texting and driving. However, studies have recently indicated that voice activated texting may be just as dangerous.

Voice Activated Texting Study in Texas

The Texas Transportation Institute conducted a study that enlisted 43 licensed drivers to drive in four test drives; initially, without any distractions; secondly, while texting in standard method; thirdly, while using voice activated texting on an iPhone; and lastly, while using voice activated texting on an Android. All drivers drove a 2009 Ford Explorer and drove at 30 mph. The drivers’ age range was between sixteen and sixty.

Surprisingly, the driving results showed some of the drivers were more distracted by the voice activated texting than the standard texting. The results stem from a need to correct the voice activated text messages which cause the driver just as much distraction as standard texting. All drivers must be aware of the need to never text and drive, even if they use voice activated texting.

Covington Car Accident Representation

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