Surveillance nabs Hopkinsville man: Indecent exposure charged

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A Kentucky man was detained and arrested for indecent exposure. The man was allegedly witnessed by store employees, who were monitoring a surveillance video, touching himself in what was considered an inappropriate manner. It was believed he was watching a young female during the incident. After leaving the establishment where the first incident occurred, he drove to another children’s department store and purportedly began to watch young boys while he was allegedly hiding in the clothing area. The officers were called to the store where they detained the man until they could review the surveillance tapes. Previously convicted of sex offenses, his bond was set at $60,000.

The man is apparently on probation for sexual abuse in Kentucky and authorities claim he has a prior history of indecent exposure in the state of Tennessee. At the time of his arrest, he also was said to have been the subject of an active warrant for a 2009 indecent exposure arrest. Further, he is listed on the sex offender registry in the state of Kentucky.

Sex crime allegations appear to be receiving increased attention in Kentucky and elsewhere. But it is important to distinguish between police allegations and actual proof. Our law ensures that every single individual accused of a crime is entitled to the presumption of innocence unless and until they are proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. That is no small burden to meet, and it requires the person accused to do absolutely nothing to prove his innocence. While the criminal conduct alleged is serious, reasonable people may disagree about the intentions of the individual and that is an important reason for not simply relying on the unsupported accusations of a government authority.

Nevertheless, the man obviously faces an uphill battle. If convicted of the charges made against him, he could be sentenced to prison and also be subject to other penalties. For those reasons alone, the man must gather his wits about him to confront the claims made in an orderly and legal fashion. A meaningful and vigorous defense will be necessary to attack the accusations as the man fights for his continued freedom.

Source: The Leaf-Chronicle, “CRIME WATCH: Kentucky man arrested for indecent exposure in Clarksville,” Luke Thompson, Nov. 17, 2011

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