For Your Initial Attorney Meeting, Here is What to Bring

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If you are an accident injury victim who has scheduled an initial meeting with a personal injury attorney, then congratulations! You have taken an important first step in protecting your legal rights to full and fair recovery for the losses you have sustained in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent action of inaction. For many people, meeting with a personal injury attorney may be the first time meeting with an attorney ever. It can be daunting and a bit overwhelming. You can fuel this nervous energy into productivity by gathering some documentation and information to bring to that initial meeting. Bring certain key pieces of documentation to this initial meeting can help your attorney get a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding your case and resulting injuries. Therefore, it can help streamline the process right from the beginning.

For Your Initial Attorney Meeting, Here is What to Bring

First, your attorney will want to know the details surrounding the accident that caused your injuries. Do you have a copy of the accident report? Bring it to the meeting. Do you have pictures you took at the accident scene? Bring those as well. Additionally, if you gathered any names and contact information for witnesses to the accident, bring those as well. Your attorney may wish to contact them in the future.

Your attorney will also, of course, be interested in the nature and extent of your injuries. Any records you may have relating to treatment for your accident injuries should be brought to this initial meeting. You may not have them right now and that is okay. Your attorney will be able to get copies of your medical records. Having them at the initial meeting, however, can be illustrative of your damages and of the impact the accident has had on you and your life. So, if you have any medical records or medical bills relating to your accident injury treatment, try and bring those to your initial lawyer meeting. Furthermore, if you have any pictures of your accident injuries, you should provide them to your attorney. Pictures of such things can be incredibly persuasive and valuable to a claim. Afterall, it is one thing to say you were injured in an accident and it is another thing to be able to show people what your injuries looked like.

Your attorney will also want some basic information, especially pertaining to your insurance coverage and that of any other people involved in the accident. You will be asked to provide your insurance information. You will also be asked to provide the insurance information for other parties to the accident. For instance, if you got the name and insurance information for the other drivers, including the at-fault driver, in an accident, you should give this information to your attorney.

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