Brain Injury Impacts Our Youth

In the past year to two years, there has been an increasing focus on brain injuries incurred from sports accidents. The long-term effects are becoming more and more evident as light is shed on just how tragic a head injury can be. Youth and children suffering brain injuries can have even more severe effects than the adults who have a fully developed brain. Cincinnati youths are no different than others who have suffered a personal injury involving their head and brain.

The Journal of Neurosurgery recently reported on a seventeen-year-old high school football player who sustained one concussion and returned to practice before that concussion was fully healed. Unfortunately, this youth suffered an additional hit to his head and had a seizure at practice and has never fully recovered. While these dramatic circumstances do not always occur, it is difficult to determine just when a brain injury is healed.

This particular football player has suffered severely for the past three-plus years only regaining limited verbal, cognitive and motor skills. This case shows just how devastating the second-impact syndrome can be when it leads to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). In the months following a concussion, a second hit to the head can cause the brain’s arteries to enlarge, causing increased blood flow to the brain which in turn causes the brain to swell beyond the limits of the skull.

The second blow that this player suffered was described as very minor. No one could believe the outcome. The athlete had previously had a CT scan deeming his brain as “normal.” However, he was still suffering from headaches and dizziness when he returned to practice against the wishes of his doctor.

If you or your child has suffered a brain injury, do not take the symptoms lightly. Consult with a doctor for proper treatment.

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Source: Teen’s return to football after concussion leads to wheelchair

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