Off-duty EMS workers arrested in separate incidents

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Drunk driving arrests in Kentucky are often reported by the local news media. When multiple incidents are committed by individuals working for the same employer, it is possible that the stories could become intermingled by the public. A suspect may suddenly find himself in the difficult position of defending not only the drunk driving charges against himself, but the charges pending against the other suspects as well.

For example, on July 16, a man who worked for the Louisville Metro EMS was involved in a single car accident in Louisville. Police allege that the man was driving recklessly. Upon arriving at the scene, the officers discovered the man was slurring his speech and displayed delayed responses.

The suspect’s car was searched, and an unmarked prescription bottle containing approximately 100 pills; muscle relaxers and anxiety medication, was found. The suspect was not on duty at the time the accident occurred.

He was charged with DUI and with having a prescription for a controlled substance in an improper container. As a result of his arrest, the man has been suspended, unpaid, from his position as an EMS worker, as well as a voluntary leave of absence. His case is scheduled to be heard in court in September, where he will have the opportunity to begin to present his defense.

A second case haunting the same Louisville Metro EMS department pertains to an EMS supervisor, not on duty, who crashed an EMS vehicle on the Gene Snyder Freeway. His case is under investigation by the LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit. Initial reports indicate that the man admitted to using the prescription drug, Oxycontin “a week before the crash.”

An internal investigation was initiated and it was speculated that the supervisor was involved in stealing expired medications from drugs that were marked for destruction.

There is no direct link between the two incidents other than they both were EMS employees. They will both need separate representation for their individual charges. A Kentucky attorney experienced in defending drunk driving allegations as well as the other charges being pursued will need to establish and present a clear distinction of the crimes between the men so their cases are ensured to be treated independently.

Source: The WAVE 3, “Metro EMS employee arrested for DUI,” Maira Ansari, Aug. 10, 2011

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