Dancer faces drug charges in Kentucky

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When a person becomes overpowered by the need to consume their life with a controlled substance, they’ll do almost anything to obtain the drugs they ‘need’. Sometimes, habitual drug use overcomes that person’s ability to adequately perform everyday tasks, like eating or bathing – and even driving. Recently, a Kentucky police officer stopped a vehicle moving erratically through a residential neighborhood. When the officer stopped the driver, he suspected drug possession.

The 21-year-old driver, and dancer at a gentlemen’s club, cooperated with the officer and turned over a small amount of cocaine and marijuana prior to her arrest. Upon learning that she would be going to jail, the woman turned over an additional stash of marijuana. After she was arrested, Kentucky officers then found Xanax in her purse.

The young woman was immediately charged with possession of a controlled substance. She also faces drug charges of cocaine and marijuana possession, as well as failure to transfer or register a motor vehicle. Reportedly, the young woman purchased her car in June of this year, but the registration has not yet been transferred into her name.

Given the young woman’s willingness to cooperate with officers, she may be awarded with some leniency in the courtroom. However, in light of her propensity for drug use, she will likely require the services of knowledgeable legal counsel. Legal representatives who specialize in criminal law are prepared to advocate for the rights of a person suffering from addiction, or exhibiting a willingness to cooperate with law enforcement in the wake of drug charges.

Source: The WDRB, “Police find pot, cocaine, pills during routine traffic stop,” Aug. 22, 2011


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