DUI 3rd Offense Penalties in Kentucky

Kentucky state law mandates that a third-offense DUI conviction requires that you serve 30 days to 12 months in jail, pay a fine of $500 – $1,000, plus court costs; your license may be revoked from 24 to 36 months, and you may be required to attend DUI School for one year.  You will likely also be required to have an alcohol/drug evaluation in addition to receiving mandatory probation when you are released.  It is also possible that your sentence will include community service, vehicle immobilization, and ignition interlock device placed on your vehicle.

If your third-offense DUI arrest in the state of Kentucky occurs within five years of a previous DUI arrest/conviction, it is considered to be a misdemeanor which carries a jail sentence of 30 days to 12 months, and must be served in blocks of a minimum of 48 hours consecutively.  This does give you the opportunity to continue working while serving out your sentence; however, if your conviction includes aggravating factors, you will be required to serve at least 60 days in jail before starting the work-release program.

In the state of Kentucky, a third-offense DUI is subject to an aggravated offense conviction if the court finds you guilty of any one of the following:

  • Your BAC level was 0.18% or higher.
  • You caused an accident that resulted in the death or serious injury of another person.
  • You were driving at least 30 mph over the posted speed limit.
  • You refused to submit to the required drug/alcohol test(s)
  • You were transporting a passenger under the age of 12 at the time you were arrested.
  • You were driving the wrong way on a limited-access highway.

If you have been arrested in the state of Kentucky and are facing charges for a third-offense DUI, it is imperative that you hire a DUI lawyer with the experience and expertise you will need to fight the DUI third-offense penalties.  Contact Dickman Law today.

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