Kentucky firefighter faces drug trafficking charges

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When people in Covington face drug charges, a great deal is at stake. They could be forced to pay significant fines and may face time behind bars. In addition, they may find that a conviction interferes with current and future employment.

A Kentucky firefighter is likely working on a criminal defense after he was accused of drug trafficking. Police claim they found more than 30 pounds of marijuana in his home along with cash, guns and drug paraphernalia.

Authorities say they discovered that the 45-year-old firefighter was involved in illegal drug activity. A search warrant was executed at the man’s home on July 3. He was charged with trafficking in marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The man has been with the Louisville Fire Department since 1993. However, an official with the fire department said that the man would be placed on administrative leave.

In a situation like this, it is important that law enforcement followed proper procedures when they executed the search warrant and arrested the man. Although law enforcement officers have an important job to do, citizens of this country have rights. Despite authorities’ belief that an individual has committed a crime, those rights must be upheld.

People in Covington and beyond who face serious criminal charges would be wise to work with an experienced attorney. An attorney will investigate the evidence in a case while working to ensure an individual’s rights have not and will not be violated. With a strong criminal defense, an individual may face reduced charges and potentially lesser penalties.

Source: The Courier-Journal, “Louisville firefighter arrested after police say they found 31 pounds of marijuana in his home,” July 6, 2012

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