The best choice!

I recently found out I had an outstanding arrest warrent in KY. In attempting to get help I called several attorneys for a phone interview, I currently live in the Chicago area. Several attorneys returned my calls, but something just did’nt feel right with them. later that same day Paul returned my call. He spent over an hour with me on the phone. The fit was right. Paul went to work on my case, from 2005 mind you, and immiedatly got my case moving. Due to my distance from KY he appeared on my behalf several times without me making the trip back to KY. We had a plan worked out with the Judge and Prosecuter. I was to post bond and turn myself in to the count y jail. I was told maybe an hour and I would be released. you guessed it, there was a glitch. A prior retired Judge had put out a NO BOND warrent on me 10 years prior. So when I checked in the jail one of the jailers came to me and told me there was conflicting notes from 2 Judges. I was being held. Little did I know, Paul was on the outside working on my behalf. So from 4PM till I was released about 10PM he was calling everyone he knew to get me out. The first face I saw was Paul’s when I got released. He wanted me to know what happened and he was not going to leave me till I could go to my daughter’s home that night. It took him calling another Judge at home at 9PM but I was released. The case had issues along the way because of it being 15 years old. At one point we had to appear in front of yet a 3rd Judge. He was one of those ole time hanging Judges you hear about. He wanted me to do max time right then. Paul got the case put on hold that day and made arrangements for me to get in front of Judge number 2. The case went on and on due to covid closing the court system. All said and done, Paul negotiated for me to have a complete dismissal of all charges, case gone. It could have been a Felony conviction but I paid a $253.00 court cost contempt fine. I’m free again to visit my family in KY. I just returned from a week long vacation for the holidays in which we were all over the State of Kentucky. The case still continues as the first Judge forfieted my $3,000.00 original bond.
Paul is working to get that returned to me at no charge. Believe you me, Paul Dickman is worth every penny of his fee. Totally worth the fee! I my opionon, using anyone else in Northern KY would be a waist of your money, little lone your freedom.
Thank You Paul Dickman. Happy New Year 2021 to you and yours.
Mike, Chicago IL Thank You for making my trip possible.