Life Saver

I couldn’t be more appreciative and satisfied with the level of service and representation I received from Paul Dickman. Not only was Paul able to assist in getting the judge to overthrow an uninformed guilty plea to a DUI charge I had made prior to receiving any legal council, he was also able to position my case to a jury trial which resulted in a successful Not Guilty verdict. As a person who is very educated but has very little knowledge and familiarity with the legal system, i found great comfort with Paul handling my case – which is exactly how you want to feel when you are facing stressful criminal allegations. The night that I was arrested and charged unlawfully with a DUI, i had no idea what my options were and how to proceed. This is a scary position to be in, because I ultimately just felt like my only option was to settle and accept the charges. On my behalf, my boyfriend did some quick research and gave Paul a call at 1AM that night, and he actually answered and provided guidance. Within 24 hours, he was in action pursuing information and helped me realize the importance and benefit to fighting the charges. Over a period of 6 months, I faced several appearances in court. Paul was always present and very communicative, preparing me for each step of the process. I felt like he handled my case carefully, but aggressively, was attentive and also super personable and really listened. Paul exhibited an attention to detail and his experience in navigating DUI cases served as a great asset when cross examining the police officer and pin pointing major mis-steps in the handling of my case. He and his associate, Martin, were sharp and on point with their decisions during the jury selection process, and in the end, I felt Paul was able to tell my story and connect with the jury in a way that ultimately resulted in a huge win and the end of a terrible nightmare for me. I can’t say enough good things! And although I hope to never face such an experience again, I am happy to have the contact info for a very solid lawyer in my phone should i ever need any legal guidance in the future.