Lawyer Up With Paul

Paul took me from rock bottom, to the top of the mountain in the space of 2 weeks. He got 3 potential felonies downgraded to 1 misdemeanor, and the misdemeanor turned to the diversion program. He even got it to where I could do the diversion from Asia, where I live and work.

Paul was always available to take a call from me, and never sounded at all annoyed when I called him at strange times. As a newcomer to the justice system I was fully mortified, but he eased my nervousness and had me on a plane back across the Pacific Ocean in only a 2 weeks.

You shouldn’t even be considering another lawyer, Paul is the real deal…believe the other reviews. I’m not being paid to write this, nor did Paul even request I do so. Mine, and I’d bet all the other reviews on here were written by people like me who are genuinely recommending him.

If you find yourself in trouble, call Paul right away and kiss your troubles goodbye.