The Best, most caring, and top notch lawyer there is!!!

Paul handled my divorce and custody case for my children. At the time my ex-wife had some major issues going on, and my children were not particularly safe being with her, or the situation that she was in. I did everything that Paul recommended and told me to do. He worked with me on cost, so that we could achieve our goal in the case.

Paul recommended that we hire a private investigator. I did as he told me, and this private investigator proved to be instrumental in my case.

My ex wife was lying about a particular incident in court. Paul using his years of experience and top notch proffesionalism, got my ex-wife to admit in court, in front of the judge, that she was not telling the truth about this incident.

The end result of my case was that I was awarded full residential custodianship of my children. My ex-wife at first had to start off with “supervised visitation” of the children, and later worked into unsupervised visits, and was then awarded visitation every other weekend. I was also awarded child support for my children.

So, in short, this single father could not be happier with the service that Paul provided to me and my children. Without him, I am not sure what would have happened to my children at the time.