Best Around !!!!!!!! I Can Assure Anybody..I’m Free

I just wanted to take the Time & inform others about this super star ” Paul D “. To be quite honest there’s not enough space on here for me to even begin to describe how a professional and wonderful job Paul has did for me & my family. I have lived in Tx for approximately 9yrs & before that I lived in Grayson county Ky. unfortunately back in 2007 I witnessed a tradegy that I had no part in & the whole county there considered me to be the cause of this horrific & disturbing accident….unfortunately at this point my life was being threaten daily after that horrible day & which me & my family at this point was forced to leave our home in which I was raised in & had to start all over again in Tx. Apparently since I had no part of this tradegy & there was no way to hold me accountable. Some one took it upon there self to make sure my life would eventually get ruined. On February 21st of 2016. I was pulled over for not signaling when making a turn as I waited for officer to eithier proceed with a warning or ticket..he approached my car then asked me to step out of car and read me my rights. I was shocked and asked why..he stated I have an outstanding warrant out of ky from 2011 which was a felony and was told I’m going to be extradited back to Ky where I was in fear of my life. In which I haven’t step foot in Ky since 2007. Keep in mind this happen on a family immediately started researching & reviewing high rated attorneys & they found Paul which was an angel sent from above. Paul answered phone on a Sunday…yes a Sunday an was open to answer all questions. At this time Paul took complete control and advised my family which was terrified & scared for what would happen to me from all the death threats we received…that he was going to take immediate control to get this warrant lifted and assure my safety. My wife is a paralegal in tx and was blown away of the prompt service Paul did..we once was never put on hold..never once did we make a phone call or text & was told he’s unavailable. No matter the time, the day or circumstance Paul made time to answer phone call, text and email. In which in itself is worth so much to a family in distress…that words cannot explain. Paul gave us more than acceptable service than anybody could imagine and I can honestly say Paul saved me from losing a 6 figure job and my life at this point. If your every put in a position and you need serious defense ASAP Paul is the gentleman you want to run won’t find many professionals in this world that’s worried about your situation and you has a person…rather than just a pay check. He cares about you!!! Seriously…FYI I’m free and moving forward with life

Thanks Paul