A solid investment

I met with Paul in 2018 due to some allegations made by an ex wife that could have had life altering repercussions . I’ll admit Going into my consultation with Mr. Dickman I was dubious of any lawyer . In the past with other lawyers I felt a car salesman vibe and I was half expecting the same again . After explaining my situation to Mr. Dickman I felt a sense of empathy and determination to right the wrong being imposed by my ex .I hired him that day . He followed through on everything he said he would do for my case . The things he said he expected to happen , eventually did . My case was dismissed . A year later my ex was at it again . Once again I hired Mr. Dickman and once again my case was dismissed. Experience wise outside the courtroom : Very easy to talk to. He does talk fast at times but never made me feel less then . The entire time I felt that I had a very competent lawyer who I could talk to . For me that’s important when my future is on the line . The more I was able to trust him to do his job , the better things went .
He was respected by all his peers so far as I could tell and every where we went he seemed to have a positive rapport , in the court room he was all business and I felt a strong sense of him in my corner .
He’s a good number to have memorized in the event of injustice.