Little girl struck and killed by criminal on house arrest

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A wrongful death suit should be added to the charges piling up on a Louisville man who struck and killed a 7-year-old girl last month as she crossed the street after getting off a bus. The man was serving a home arrest sentence for weapons and burglary charges. While he is allowed to leave his home to go to school, he did not attend his evening college classes on the day of the fatal accident. In addition, the street on which he struck the little girl as she crossed the road is not on his way to or from school or his home.

The little girl’s father is extremely angry that the man was not where he was supposed to be, and says he is convinced his daughter would be alive today if he had been. Police arrested the man for violating his home incarceration rules, he was held on a $5,000 bond and pleaded not guilty to escape and theft charges. Metro police were awaiting blood alcohol results from the driver that will perhaps incur additional charges.

Police say they were unable to account for the driver for two and a half hours prior to his arrest. They admit that tracking the more than 600 people serving home incarceration sentences in the Louisville area is difficult. The Metro Corrections department hopes to use GPS technology to monitor convicted criminals in the future.

The admission of the police department that they cannot supervise all of the people serving house arrest sentences brings up a good question about the possibility of holding the department somewhat accountable in this case.

Source:, “Police: Driver in fatal pedestrian crash was on home incarceration,” April 14, 2012

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