Kentucky college student faces drug charges

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A student from Georgetown College in Kentucky was arrested recently on allegations of drug related crimes. He now faces a Class D felony, and he was scheduled to make a court appearance recently. The Georgetown police and U.S. Postal Service authorities are now conducting an investigation into the alleged drug trafficking.

Reportedly, the 22-year-old student was arrested on the night of October 14 after a drug canine had alerted officers to a package sent to the student. After obtaining the student’s consent, Georgetown police opened the package. They allegedly found a baggie containing approximately 1,100 Percocet pills, which the police confiscated. Percocet is a type of painkiller available by prescription.

According to a police citation, the student admitted that he knew the pills were in the package. He also supposedly said that he was going to give them to someone else. He is now charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, and he will go before a Scott County District Court.

In the past, Kentucky residents faced with drug charges have benefited from the advice of an experienced criminal law attorney. A young college student, with his life ahead of him is now hanging in the balance of the justice system. Kentucky criminal law has a language all its own, and its rules and regulations may seem confusing to those not well-versed in it. An attorney may be able to assist the defendant with navigating the court while putting forth a presentation of a strong and meaningful defense.

Source: The Kentucky News, “Georgetown College student to appear in court on drug charges,” Jim Warren, Oct 19, 2011


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