Kentucky Driver’s License Point System

Points will accumulate on your driving record to aid in identifying habitually negligent drivers in the state of Kentucky for each violation you receive. Each driver begins with a point balance of zero. Various offenses result in points being added to your record. If you are over the age of eighteen, your license may be suspended if you accumulate twelve points or more within a two-year period. If you are between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, you may face suspension of your license with only seven total points within a two year period. Points assessed on your Kentucky driver’s license will expire two years from the date incurred; however, the points will remain part of your driving record for five years.

Appearing Before a Hearing Officer

Individuals facing the suspension of their license will first meet with a hearing officer. If you fail to appear for that hearing, your driving rights will be suspended for six months for the initial accumulation of twelve points, and for a full year if this is the second time you have accumulated twelve or more points. At the hearing, the officer may reduce your suspension to a time of probation if you agree to attend State Traffic School or a driver improvement clinic approved by the Transportation Cabinet. Your best interest can be represented with the assistance of an experienced Kentucky attorney.

Kentucky DUI Defense

Under the point system for Kentucky drivers, a DUI conviction does not result in any point assessment because state law mandates that your driver’s license be revoked. In order to maintain your license after being accused of a DUI, you must seek legal assistance. A Kentucky DUI Defense Attorney from the Paul Dickman Law Firm can offer the best defense for you and help you receive the least damaging conclusion possible for your case. A DUI conviction can have lasting results on your personal and professional reputation and could result in you losing your job.

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