Important Questions to Know How to Answer When You Have Been Charged with Theft, Burglary or Robbery

If you have been charged with theft, burglary or robbery, do not respond to any questions without an attorney being present on your behalf.  Any statement can be, and very well may be, held against you.  Having a lawyer present will ensure you respond appropriately, and that you are not being badgered to answer any question in such a way that it could become convoluted and used against you at some point during the legal process.

It’s important to keep in mind that arresting authorities have a unique way of posing some questions to you that may appear to incriminate you regardless of how you respond.  Your best response is to not answer the question(s), but to ask to have your lawyer present while being questioned.

Your Behavior When Being Questioned Matters

Your behavior during questioning is another element you should seriously consider, and keep in mind that being calm and being respectful and polite to all police personnel will always work in your best interest.  Anger only exacerbates an already serious situation, and in no way leads those in authority to believe they have the wrong person; it will work against you instead.

Laws for Theft, Burglary or Robbery

Every state has specific laws and statutes surrounding theft, burglary or robbery.  Your lawyer will review any and all evidence the prosecutor may have that led them to press charges against you, and he or she will also ensure that your arrest and the evidence collected against you complies with the laws where the alleged crime occurred.  If your lawyer finds that you were illegally arrested or any evidence against you was illegally obtained, they can request to have charges dropped, and/or evidence obtained not to be used in the prosecution of your case.

Seek Representation from a Lawyer

Being charged with any crime is unsettling, but if you have a skilled and successful attorney on your side to assist you through the legal process, that may include a trial, you will be able to focus on helping them prove your innocence. Contact Dickman Law Office today for your best defense.

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