Homeless man accused of murder in Lexington

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Murder charges have been filed against a transient for the shooting death of a dermatologist in Lexington. The individual was arrested in Ohio on an outstanding Kentucky warrant, based on harassment charges. A separate arrest warrant for murder has now also been issued, and the man faces an extradition hearing in Ohio. He remains in jail in Logan County, Ohio, pending the hearing.

The couple had initially hired the man to perform renovation work on their medical offices, and they allowed him to stay in the basement while working there because he was otherwise homeless. They also had invited him to their home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Eventually their friendship turned into a frightening obsession with the victim. The couple made numerous complaints about the man’s behavior to the authorities.

The murder occurred on September 1, when the doctor was shot multiple times as she backed out of a parking space at her medical office. She died about 8:30 that evening. There are no reports of any witnesses to the shooting.

Following the murder, Lexington police indicated they wanted to speak with the man about the killing. Since he had left the area, police obtained a warrant for his arrest. The warrant was sent to areas in Ohio where it was suspected he was located.

A statewide search resulted in his apprehension. Police officials then traveled to Ohio to question the man about the murder. Based on that interview and their investigation, he was formally charged with murder and tampering with physical evidence connected to the crime.

The 65-year-old man must now defend the criminal charges. There is no information yet made public that puts the man at the scene of the crime, nor has other physical evidence pointing to his guilt been disclosed. If the man harassed the doctor, a claim not yet proven, it does not mean he is also guilty of murder.

What is clear is that the individual must devote all his energy to defending the charges against him. The murder conviction alone could land him in prison for the rest of his life. A Kentucky attorney dedicated to helping people accused of serious crimes may work to ensure all the man’s legal rights are protected and fight to present his defense of the allegations.

Source: The Kentucky, “Transient charged with murder in Lexington doctor’s death,” Josh Kegley, Sept. 9, 2011

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