Dealing with the Police—Know Your Rights

We always advise our clients to remain calm; behave and speak respectfully to law enforcement officers, but to also know and remember your rights that are protected under the law:

  • If asked by the police, you must identify yourself, but you do have the right to remain silent concerning any other questions they may ask.  They may threaten to arrest you if you refuse to respond, but simply expressing your desire to remain silent is your right.  This is true even if you are stopped by a police officer while walking somewhere outside your home, and a police officer tells you he/she would like to ask you a few questions; you still have the right to remain silent, and can simply state that you are busy, and do not have time to respond.
  • You have the right to request a lawyer, and if you cannot afford one, they must request one for you. You have the right to continue to remain silent until your lawyer arrives.
  • Police officers are required to have a search warrant in order to search your home unless you allow them to search without one.  Even if they have an arrest warrant for you, simply step outside your residence without allowing them entry until they provide a search warrant.
  • In addition to your right to refuse police officers access to your home, or a search of your person, you also have the right to refuse access to your car.
  • The exceptions to the search warrants being required include a police officer actually seeing evidence either on your person, in your home, or in your car that is considered to be in “plain view,” and at which time a police officer is legally allowed to initiate a search without a warrant.

KY Criminal Defense Representation

Dickman Law Firm has successfully represented hundreds of clients in dealing with the police. The defense lawyer team at our well-known Kentucky criminal defense law firm knows your rights, and will ensure they are protected under the law.

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