Car Accidents Involving Drivers with the Same Insurance

Two drivers involved in a car accident find they are insured by the same insurance company; now what? How does a claim work if both drivers have to file with the same insurance? Does the process change? Will the insurance company truly provide what you are owed?

If all things were fair and equal in this world, the insurance provider would handle both claims in a responsible and impartial manner. Unfortunately, the world has never operated on a basis of fairness, and insurance companies can fall at the bottom of the fairness chart because their focus has always been on profit.

Conflict of Interest with the Same Insurance

To avoid a conflict of interest, the insurance company should assign a separate adjuster to each claim. Each adjuster should, in turn, investigate the accident, develop a claim and report their findings without any interaction with the other adjuster who is assigned to the car accident. If the reports come to the same conclusions about the claims, then the claim should be fairly fair. However, if the adjusters disagree on the at-fault driver, the amount of damages, or any other imperative matter regarding the accident, then they must act as if two different insurances are held by the drivers. This is the point where unethical practices may supersede what should happen in this type of claims.

If an insurance company chooses to enlist only one adjuster in a claim with two policy holders, there is a true risk of a conflict of interest. Insurance companies must be held liable for any actions that could be in “bad faith.” A KY personal injury attorney at Dickman Law can help you receive what you are owed, and hold the insurance company responsible in the process.

When to Enlist a Personal Injury Attorney

If you are involved in a car accident that only causes minor property damage and little to no injury, you will most likely be able to settle your claim without an attorney. However, if you received severe injuries, you should contact Dickman Law for a free consultation. We have the insight you will need to deliver the settlement you deserve.

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