I had an OVI with an endangerment attached to it, that was out of state… What a mess! If it weren’t for Paul fighting for my rights, I’d be in prison right now. He got my felony reduced at the start, and I had to take a deal on the OVI. The OVI wasn’t my first and I’m not proud to say that, and Paul made sure that the state court was in thought it was my first offense… The prosecutor kept on trying to make me take a deal without my results up! It took 4 months for my blood test to come back, and it was a .083 as they wouldn’t negotiate. I eventually took the deal realizing that they thought it was my first offense. My fine wasn’t that big, the license suspension isn’t that long, and all I had to do was spend 72 hours in a lockdown OVI program in a cozy hotel, Kentucky wanted me to spend months going to a weekly class, luckily I’m in Ohio citizen and I qualified for the 72-hour program here to get it all out of the way quickly. Thanks to Paul everything went swiftly and calmly as possible, Paul did a great job.
On down the road I wanted to get my driving privileges once the Kentucky courts decided to suspend my Ohio driving license…. My local Court would not let me file since it was out of state, and the Kentucky DMV would not let me since I lived in Ohio….
Paul went over their head, and filed a civil lawsuit against the BMV, causing them to give me my hearing for privileges. I WOULD OF NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS ON MY OWN!
If anybody gets into some legal issues, “YOU GOTTA CALL PAUL”