Paul’s the one to call

Let’s face we all make a bad decision every now and again. When we do we need Paul! I didn’t make it easy on him, but he had my back! I could have went with a cheaper attorney which in my opinion you get what you pay for! I felt like in my case and what seems to me all his clients, he has and puts forth the effort to have our best resolve in a situation we put our ourselves in. He knows what he’s doing and will fight for our best resolve. If I ever need a attorney again best believe I’m gonna call Paul. I wasn’t just a case file or #, he treated me like a person,who just made a bad decision, it only takes one! When that times comes, he will fight and go to war for you!! In my opinion anyone else would just have been no better then a public pretender! Thx, Paul for all that you did me!