Expensive but worth it! Better take this Dickman!

I was charged with felony trafficking and then hit again with felony drug possession while waiting for the trafficking case! I thought my life was over, the police took my life savings and my charges carried up to 12 years In prison, Paul came into the picture and kept me calm throughout the entire process, he was good about communicating with me and called me frequently to update me on my cases. He was basically my alarm clock for court, and great at helping with getting where I needed to be. My felony was put on diversion with 1 year supervised and my felony trafficking case was reduced to a minor pot possession. My cash was returned to me and to put it simply, Paul SAVED the day! Don’t make the mistake of someone who will sell you out, Paul fought and fought for me to get the best deal I couldn’t possibly get and made me look super cool in the court room.