Theft Crimes

Was it a misdemeanor or a felony? Was it theft, robbery, or burglary? Was a crime committed with intent, the use of force, or threat to harm? Is the prosecution basing its case on circumstantial evidence? At our Covington, Kentucky, criminal defense law firm, attorney Paul J. Dickman, represents clients charged with any form of larceny and provides aggressive representation in negotiations and at trial. We protect the rights of the accused. By challenging the prosecution, thoroughly investigating the evidence, and presenting a compelling argument to the judge and/or jury on your behalf, we provide the most thorough and effective defense possible.

If you have been charged with theft, burglary, or robbery contact a lawyer with the experience, skill, and determination to protect your rights.

It is extremely important that you protect your rights, so before making any statement to police, prosecutors, or security guards call 859-446-1590 or e-mail our Covington, Kentucky, office for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

At Dickman Law, our criminal defense lawyer provides defense against theft, burglary, larceny, robbery, and shoplifting charges for clients from Covington, Newport, Fort Thomas, and other Kentucky/Ohios communities. We are committed to seeing that every client gets the same powerful representation and the best outcome possible.