In many types of auto accidents, the first step of an investigation is to determine what was the cause of the accident. Accurately determining the cause of the accident will allow you to assign responsibility for the accident to the correct party.

In trucking accidents, it can be very challenging to identify the causes of the accident. Some of the common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Drug use
  • Speeding or traveling too fast for the given road conditions
  • Fatigue (driving for too many hours without sufficient rest)
  • Alcohol use
  • Construction/road conditions, including inclement weather
  • Driver not being familiar with the road
  • Aggressive driving

Truck accidents tend to create a massive amount of evidence that needs to be evaluated. From logbooks to maintenance records and witness testimony to a mechanical inspection of the vehicle, the volume of evidence can prove to be a challenge for investigators and attorneys who are unfamiliar with dealing with trucking accidents.

At Dickman Law Offices, P.S.C., our Kentucky and Ohio truck accident attorneys bring decades of experience in dealing with trucking accidents. We know how to conduct investigations that are capable of identifying an accident’s cause and the party who is responsible, including:

  • The truck owner
  • The truck driver
  • Those responsible for the maintenance of the truck
  • The manufacturer of a part that may have been defective

We will use our skill and experience with truck driving accidents to help you obtain the compensation you deserve after being injured in a trucking accident.

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