Attorney Paul J. Dickman

Our Philosophy of Criminal Defense

At Dickman Law Office, our goal is to solve our clients’ problems. When people face criminal charges, they are usually looking at jail time, fines, and other restrictions on their liberties, as well as permanent and sometimes costly blemishes on their records. Our challenge is to closely examine the facts of each case and devise the most effective approach to a resolution, so that our clients can get on with their lives.

Fortunately, under our system of justice, criminal defendants are “presumed innocent”. The State must prove them guilty. To do this the state relies on evidence. Evidence can include forensic evidence, such as fingerprints, DNA, photographs and video surveillance, as well as testimony of both witnesses and law enforcement personnel. In addition to the presumption of innocence, there are many legal doctrines that limit the admissibility use of certain types of evidence.

At Dickman Law Office our approach to criminal defense starts out with a detailed collection of the facts and the evidence upon which the prosecution is relying in seeking a conviction. This is accomplished through the filing of various Motions with the court, through the use of court proceedings, and through independent investigations into the location of the alleged crime, the witnesses, and other aspects of the case. Once the evidence is collected and scrutinized, our attorneys evaluate it from an admissibility standpoint. Various legal theories are applied to the evidence to evaluate its admissibility at trial, based upon the method in which it was collected, the type of scientific analysis to which it was subjected, whether or not it is prejudicial, and whether or not the Kentucky Rules of Evidence allow its introduction.

Only after the evidence has been collected, analyzed and challenged based upon well accepted legal theories and defenses can a criminal case be resolved satisfactorily. Sometimes resolution involves a plea agreement, other times a bench trial or a jury trial is in order.